Daniel's Tribute

Tribute to my late Grandpa "Daniel Ademu-John".

Orginal Picture

Edited Picture

Edits were made with Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Mother's Day Collage

Featuring all the women in my family.

Stew Cover Art

This personal project insisted on monthly playlist series, the reign for the early parts of Covid-19 during 2020. The "STEW" means (S)ound (T)o (E)ntertain (W)orldwide. All covers presented below were made via Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Link to Playlist

Yamsak Shop

The Yamsak Shop is an online store founded in early 2020. "Yamsak" means "used or personal belonging" in Krio. The shop is a secondhand store homed all my used or thrift clothes with value. The following are promo for garments to attract customers on social media.

Link to Store